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Hog Milage Program

H.O.G. Mileage Program

The H.O.G.® Mileage Program is beautiful in it's simplicity: You ride, and we'll reward you. We'll even give you a pin and patch just for signing up. After that, additional pins, patches and motorcycle medallions will be awarded at various mileage intervals.

Of course ther are a few rule you'll have to follow:

  • Only active H.O.G. members may participate.

  • If you have more then one Harley® you have to enroll each one, and only the mileage logged after you enrol will count.

  • You may participate as a rider, passenger or both - just me sure to fill out a form for each.

  • Your enrolment form and award submissions must be officially endorsed by an authorised H-D dealer.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and start riding - but not before you get yourself enrolled in the H.O.G. Mileage Program!

H.O.G. Mileage Program Award Levels.

1,000 mi 1,610 km
5,000 mi 8,050 km
10,000 mi 16,100 km
25,000 mi 40,250 km
40,000 mi 64,400 km
60,000 mi 96,600 km
80,000 mi 128,800 km
*100,000 mi *161,000 km
125,000 mi 201,250 km
150,000 mi 241,500 km
175,000 mi 281,750 km
*200,000 mi *332,000 km
250,000 mi 402,500 km
*300,000 mi *483,000 km

Note: After 300,000 miles, the award levels will remain at 50,000 mile increments.

*Special medallions and rockers, suitable for placment on your H-D motorcycle, will be awarded for each 100,000 mile achievement.

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