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Canberra Harley Owners Group takes road and rider safety VERY seriously, this is evident in our impeccable safety record. To date, C.H.O.G. has the best safety record of any Australian H.O.G. chapter.

So what can we, as riders, do to stay as safe as possible on the roads and maintain this great safety record?

1. Practice your slow speed riding, learn to control your bike.

There are 4 places in the ACT that you can go to practice your slow speed riding. These areas have the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (M.O.S.T.) marked out on the ground. If you intend you use these areas why not take a half dozen old tennis balls, cut them in half and use them as cones to mark out each component of the skills test out.

Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC):

EPIC has a great course marked out with plenty of space to practice. It is available at all times unless there is a show event or a payed rider training course in progress. Very popular with the North-siders. Enter via the smaller second gate north of the main entry on Flemington Road and the course is marked on the sealed area behind the grandstand. Click here for a local map.

Phillip - Bellona Ct:

This old test track does have some pot holes and debris on it. It is however very functional in the test areas. It is a fenced area and during the week used buy surrounding businesses to store vehicles, it is however, available for use on weekends. Click here for a local map.

Kambah - Jenke Cct:

This is a popular track for those that live on South-side ... who actually know about the it. Easy to find and out of the way, this is a great private track for those maybe looking to build their confidence. Click here for a local map.

Sutton Driver Training Centre - Sutton Rd:

Sutton Road Driver Training Centre is the home of 'Stay Upright' who conduct all course associated with Motorcycle riding. They conduct open days on Saturdays at a cost of approximately $10 where you can go in and conduct practice assessments (Contact Stay Upright for information). Click here for a local map.


2. Know and Adhere to the ride rules.

    ·  Some of the basic formation riding rules used in C.H.O.G. rides are as follows (detailed rules will be given by Road Captains prior to the commencement of each individual ride):

    ·  Speed limits WILL be adhered to at all times (ride to the conditions),

    ·  When riding in staggered formation, ride 3 seconds from the rider to your immediate front,

    ·  Adopt a single file formation on narrow roads or in inclement weather conditions, and

    ·  Strictly NO ALCOHOL.

Note: All Road Captains are qualified First Aiders and a first aid kit is carried by the rear Road Captain.


3. Rider Etiquette.

·  New or Inexperienced riders should ride at the rear of the pack just in front of the rear road captain,

·  If you're not comfortable, wave others on and adopt a position at the rear just in front of the rear road captain,

·  When over-taking, do not slow down in front of the car/truck/bus, continue on and make sure you leave room for the next rider,

·  Look out for other riders by pointing out obstacles and hazards,

·  Arrive for all rides with a full tank of petrol, and

·  In case of breakdown or emergencies, stop and wait for the rear Road Captain to stop and assist.


4. Pre-Ride Bike Checks.

·  Ensure tyres are inflated to correct PSI,

·  Check that tyres have enough tread for the trip (especially longer / interstate runs),

·  Check brakes including pad thickness,

·  Check head lights, tail lights, brake lights and indicator operation,

·  Check clutch and throttle operation,

·  Check fluids (oil, clutch, brake),

·  Test horn, and

·  Listen to the bike (does it sound ok whilst running).